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Get a Theme That Elevates Your Brand

Select a Zendesk theme that wows customers and reflects your brand. Our service designs user-friendly, trustworthy environments that highlight your dedication to superior support.

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Zendesk Themes - Get a Theme That Elevates Your Brand


We design custom Zendesk Guide Themes that your customers will love

Brand Consistency Assurance
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  • 100% on brand – All components designed to follow your existing brand guidelines to ensure your customers have a smooth journey from your main website to your Help Centre
  • Responsive – Designed for any device
  • Easy to maintain – We make it easy to make changes to link and colours without needing to edit the code
  • Unique Layouts – Choose your own layout for all pages.
  • Designed for you – We can design the Theme in house, starting with the design or you can provide the mock-ups from your designers
  • Made to deflect – We’ve built hundreds of successful Help Centres and can use our knowledge to help inform a design which

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Marketplace Theme

Custom Theme

Change hero image

Assign images or icons to Category Tiles with no code

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Upload custom fonts with no-code

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Clone your main websites existing Header and Footer for a seamless experience

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Custom features specific to your end-users needs

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Join the ranks of top brands who’ve transformed their customer experience with SuccessCX.

Custom Brand Integration

Seamlessly Reflect Your Brand

Elevate your Help Centre with themes that perfectly align with your brand identity. This will ensure a consistent user experience that fosters trust and recognition.

Zendesk Themes - Seamlessly Reflect Your Brand
Zendesk Themes - Simplify Information Discovery

Enhanced User Navigation

Simplify Information Discovery

Improve user engagement with intuitive navigation and layout. This will make it easier for customers to find the answers they need, reduce support tickets, and enhance satisfaction.

Mobile Optimisation

Ensure Flawless Mobile Experiences

Deliver a responsive Help Centre experience across all devices, ensuring customers receive support anytime, anywhere without compromise.

Zendesk Themes - Ensure Flawless Mobile Experiences
Zendesk Themes - Benefit From Continuous Improvement

Ongoing Support and Updates

Benefit From Continuous Improvement

Receive expert ongoing support and regular updates to your Zendesk theme, keeping your Help Centre at the forefront of design trends and functionality.

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Don't Wait, Elevate!

Every moment without an optimised customer experience risks customer attrition, reputational damage, and missed growth opportunities. Secure your brand’s future and reputation by partnering with SuccessCX today.