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Meet the SuccessCX team

Amie Brennan

Amie Brennan

Amie is our Senior Solutions Consultant. Fuelled by Hot Chips and Sandwiches, her youthful appearance belies her incredible experience and knowledge of world-class customer service. Fiercely intelligent and insightful, Amie believes that hard, smart work on great processes, mixed in with a few power-naps, will always deliver the best result.

Juan Ng

Juan is our Guide, Maestro, Conductor and Project Manager. Delicious Malaysian Crab snacks aside, Juan is a car-fanatic, burning rubber on the road and fingertips in the office. Quiet, focused and diligent, Juan never leaves a stone un-turned – while debunking the myth the PM’s don’t get their hands dirty – his technical prowess is an essential part of his impact.
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Bethany Ynchausti

Bethany is our most recent member to join our team as a Solutions Consultant with a remarkable set of skills. She also has over 10-years experience in big-tech customer advocacy and solutions consulting. She brings with her fabulous communication and is a collaborative team player. What’s more, she holds certifications in not just being #amazing but also in Zendesk Messaging, Sunshine Conversations and Omnichannel Agent – truly impressive!
Hamish Lang

Hamish Lang

Hamish is our U.I. Developer-extraordinaire. His quiet, calm, Kiwi-demeanour disguises a wicked-sharp sense of humour and his humility only encourages the incredible value he brings to our team and our customers.
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Paul Bichsel

Paul is our Team Leader and SuccessCX Director. Absolutely focused on the human elements of customer experience and dedicated to his family. He revels in nothing more than a cheeky win in a game of Uno. Paul believes ‘the best time to do something, is now’ unless it cuts into his morning coffee and wordle session.
Helen Arthur

Helen Arthur

Helen is our Operations Manager. Sustained by a healthy diet of warm, crusty sourdough and milk chocolate, Helen keeps our spaceship heading for the Moon. Her unrivalled ability to coax life and growth from houseplants, exemplifies her leadership qualities, nurturing but not over-bearing – trusting but systematic and prepared. Classic organisation skills and an uncanny ability to find almost anything, Helen works hard in the background keeping SuccessCX going.
Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher

When he’s not dancing Cuban Salsa or training for a half marathon, he’s delighting our customers to maximize the advantages of their CX Tech, he’s here supporting our customers ensuring they’re getting the best of their CX Tech. Bringing a keen eye for detail and a level of focus that can only be achieved with headphones and white noise, he’s passionate about many things, including ensuring your team is achieving its CX vision.
Lewis Gyde

Lewis Gyde

Lewis is our Account Executive. If he’s not crafting a meal from a different continent, sipping his 5th-coffee and thinking about the parabola on his next bowl, he’ll be brainstorming about how to bring your CX/EX Strategy to life. Hyper-curious and a lateral-thinker, Lewis will be there to cover all your thoughts and ideas to take your customer-service to the moon.