Case Study: Retail Zoo

Retail Zoo & SuccessCX: Refining the Future of Customer Service Excellence!

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Retail Zoo, renowned for leading brands such as Boost Juice and Betty’s Burgers, has embarked on a pivotal collaboration with SuccessCX to redefine its customer service paradigm.

This case study unfolds the strategic efforts to elevate Retail Zoo’s customer experiences and operational efficiency, ensuring the brand continues to thrive in the competitive retail industry landscape.

Case Study Retail Zoo - Introduction
Case Study Retail Zoo - Client Background

Client Background

Retail Zoo is the company behind powerhouse brands such as Boost Juice, Betty’s Burgers, Salsas Fresh Mex, and CIBO Espresso.

With over 660 stores worldwide and employing over 8000 people in more than 12 countries, the brand takes exceptional pride not only for their commitment to freshness and quality but also for delivering exceptional customer experiences and customer service.

Retail Zoo continues to solidify its position as the preferred choice for Australians seeking delectable food and beverages.


As a rapidly expanding enterprise, Retail Zoo continues its industry leadership of delivering great service. In order to continue being a leader, it faced the imperative to enhance and optimise their customer experiences, while ensuring that exceptional customer service remained synonymous with its brands. 

The company’s growth meant it needed to start ahead of the curve. Retail Zoo recognised the need to refresh its self-service help centres, streamline operations, and centralise its customer service efforts to continue to lead the market with their high standards.

Engagement with SuccessCX

Retail Zoo engaged SuccessCX in a close collaboration on a project to update and optimise their Customer Experiences and deliver great Self-Service, acknowledging that it needed to scale to support a growing customer base with more sophisticated needs. SuccessCX, a renowned customer experience consulting group, assisted in the transformation with the key focuses of the engagement being:

1. Self-Service Help Center and Knowledge refresh:

Retail Zoo recognised the importance of providing customers with an effective self-service platform, to not only scale but deliver delightful user experiences and efficiencies.

Ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly design for customers to easily access, providing answers to all common questions for each brand was a key considerations. Implementing a robust and scalable solution, with comprehensive knowledge and allowing for easy configuration changes was also important to the business.

SuccessCX worked closely with Retail Zoo to modernise and optimise the self-service help centres for each of the brands. This involved assisting in updating the content, creating user-friendly interfaces, and making sure the information was easily accessible.

2. Efficiency Gains Through Collaboration:

SuccessCX and Retail Zoo worked to deliver the solution that facilitated seamless collaboration between individual store locations and the central support office. The technology needed to support swift communication to quickly address operational issues, enhancing overall efficiency and speedy resolutions.

3. Consistency and Quality of Service Delivery:

The centralisation of customer service across brands was a crucial element ensuring exceptional service delivery and consistency, while maintaining each brand’s unique identity and needs. This approach supported dashboard and performance metrics reporting across all lines of the business, with a unified and efficient approach to agent skill development, feedback implementation, and overall performance management.

4. Reporting and Analytics:

The rollout of new executive dashboards provided Retail Zoo with detailed insights, supporting informed decision-making, and aligning strategic initiatives with real-time customer data.

Highlighting the metrics that matter allowed Retail Zoo to track customer interactions hour by hour, making it possible to identify trends and respond to emerging issues more effectively. This heightened visibility not only facilitates the swift identification of emerging trends but also empowers Retail Zoo to respond proactively, ensuring a nuanced and effective approach to addressing evolving customer needs and concerns.


  • The collaboration between Retail Zoo and SuccessCX resulted in improvements in self-service capabilities and overall customer service. Customers are able to find answers to their common questions simply and easily. Agents are able to focus on the more complex and important work.
  • Retail Zoo’s self-service Help Centers were enhanced for better user-friendly, informative, and easily navigable resources for customers, reducing the need for direct customer service interactions for common enquiries.
  • The enhancements to existing platforms streamlined communication and collaboration between stores and the central support office, leading to faster issue resolution and improved operational efficiency.
  • Centralising customer service efforts ensured that Retail Zoo’s brands delivered more consistent and high-quality service to customers, enhancing their reputation for exceptional customer satisfaction.
  • The reporting and analytics dashboards empowered Retail Zoo to gain a better understanding of customer enquiries, intent, and sentiment, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and respond to customer needs more effectively.


The success of this engagement allowed Retail Zoo to not only maintain and improve its exceptional reputation for quality and customer service but also to proactively address customer concerns and improve operational efficiency. 

The company’s ability to receive real-time information from the front lines and adapt quickly to changing customer needs has proven to be a valuable asset in the competitive retail industry. 

The collaboration with SuccessCX and leveraging their expertise and best practice knowledge with Retail Zoo have created a winning formula for self-service and customer service excellence, ensuring the continued success of Retail Zoo’s iconic brands.

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