Case Study: Chef Works

Chef Works deliver on their mission with improved personalisation and service to their customers using SuccessCX


Chef Works, a leading provider of high-quality culinary apparel and accessories, embarked on a mission to elevate customer experiences by delivering personalised service. 

To achieve this vision, they partnered with SuccessCX, a renowned customer experience consultancy. 

Leveraging SuccessCX’s expert services, Chef Works aimed to revolutionise the way culinary professionals and businesses interacted with their brand and products, ultimately fostering lasting customer loyalty.

Case Study Chef Works - Introduction
Case Study Chef Works - Client Background

Client Background

Chef Works, a global leader in hospitality apparel, operates across six continents and over 90 countries. With a foundation built on values like integrity, loyalty, and innovation, they’ve cultivated deep-rooted relationships with chefs and hospitality professionals worldwide. 

Their commitment to excellence is evident in their tailored product lines and their unwavering dedication to sustainability, emphasising the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Repair, and Recycle. 

As they continue to expand, Chef Works remains focused on elevating industry standards and championing the needs of their global clientele.


Despite the implementation of Hubspot some years prior, the team found it difficult to collaborate easily between each other. It was also difficult to track important tasks, identify escalations and there was a lot of manual and reactive intervention in their day to day activities.

The customer service team had difficulty managing the increasing volume of customer enquiries and resolving issues promptly. This led to delayed responses and a less-than-optimal support experience for customers.

SuccessCX began by facilitating collaborative workshops to understand Chef Works diverse customer base and processes. Through working with the team, performing analysis, and reviewing data-driven insights from customer service and sales, SuccessCX gained valuable knowledge about customers’ preferences, pain points, and expectations. This understanding formed the foundation for the design of the future state.

Chef Works and SuccessCX integrated the customer service and sales CRM platform to develop an advanced customer service solution. Leveraging workflow and automations, manual management and prioritisation of work was avoided, and agents were able to identify and proactively focus on the high priority work – all at a glance.

The agent agent interface and overall experience was optimised to allow prompt addressing of customer queries and issues, ensuring a seamless and proactive support experience.

Additionally, SuccessCX trained Chef Works support team in effective use of the technology. Together, they developed a program to implement empathy and effective communication to handle complex situations with care and efficiency, while having access to relevant customer data for more personalised interactions.


Through a strategic collaboration with SuccessCX and the implementation of their customer service and sales CRM platform, Chef Works successfully transformed its customer experience, fulfilling its mission of delivering higher levels of personalisation and service.

With tailored product recommendations, interactive styling consultations, proactive customer service, loyalty rewards, and personalised marketing campaigns, Chef Works established itself as more than just a culinary apparel provider—it became a trusted partner to culinary professionals.

The seamless integration of the CRM platform provided valuable customer insights that empowered Chef Works to deliver exceptional service and forge lasting relationships with its customers, driving overall satisfaction, loyalty, and brand advocacy to new heights.

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