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Kepler Analytics Transforms Customer Service and Operational Management with SuccessCX

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Kepler Analytics, a leading retail analytics company, sought to elevate its customer store support and operational management processes to even greater heights. 

To achieve this ambitious goal and bolster their reputation as a customer-centric organisation, Kepler Analytics partnered with SuccessCX, providing expert services to implement improved processes and technology to deliver transformational outcomes.

This case study outlines how Kepler Analytics successfully redefined its processes using SuccessCX, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, and redefined its operational model.

Case Study Kepler Analytics - Introduction
Case Study Kepler Analytics - Client Background

Client Background

Kepler Analytics specialises in providing data-driven people traffic insights and analytics to clients across the globe. 

As they expanded their portfolio of global clients and opened office in the UK and USA, Kepler Analytics proactively addressed the challenge of effectively managing technical support, improved operational oversight, and delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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Customer Support Issues: Driven by their commitment to outstanding customer service, Kepler Analytics sought to improve the speed to resolution and operational process flow of their customer support operations and deliver transparency through improved insights to their client base. The system being used was not able to deliver on that to the level Kepler required, requiring significant manual process and fractured processes.

Operational Optimisation: Ensuring the productivity and effectiveness of the operations team in both technical and field operation environments required a dynamic solution, as resource allocation, reportable improvements and performance tracking presented ongoing challenges.

Data Consolidation: Kepler Analytics recognised the need to have unified and consolidated data to gain comprehensive insights for informed decision-making, despite obstacles in achieving this seamlessly.


Kepler Analytics partnered with SuccessCX to implement a comprehensive customer experience management solution. The SuccessCX solution provided the following key features:

Integrated Ticketing System

SuccessCX worked with key team members to define and deliver the journey of customer enquiries using a centralised ticketing system. This streamlined the process, enabling real-time monitoring and faster resolution times.

Workforce Optimisation Tools

SuccessCX’s advanced capabilities enabled workforce management optimisation, allowing Kepler Analytics to efficiently allocate resources, monitor task prioritisation, and track task progress.

360-Degree Customer View

The platform provided a holistic view of customer interactions and feedback across various touch-points, empowering Kepler Analytics to understand customer needs and pain points.

Analytics and Reporting

SuccessCX customised dashboards and analytics capabilities allowed Kepler Analytics to gain valuable insights into trends, operational efficiencies, and in the field performance.


The implementation from SuccessCX led to significant improvements for Kepler Analytics:

  1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Kepler Analytics achieved a considerable reduction in customer enquiry resolution times, leading to heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. Streamlined Workforce Management: Workforce optimisation improved task allocation and resource utilisation, resulting in elevated customer support and productivity across the global operations team.
  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: With access to comprehensive analytics and customer insights, Kepler Analytics made informed decisions that improved product offerings and operational processes.
  4. Increased Scalability: The improved system and operational performance has allowed Kepler Analytics to scale quickly, without the need for further human capital investment delivering significant future savings through cost avoidance as it scaled. Now with a single view of global operations, ongoing savings can be quickly identified and acted on.


Kepler Analytics successfully transformed its support services for its customers and operational management processes by partnering with SuccessCX. 

The implementation of the customer experience management solution resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction, optimised workforce utilisation, and data-driven decision-making capabilities. 

By embracing SuccessCX, Kepler Analytics positioned itself as a customer-centric organisation in the data analytics market, ensuring scalable growth and continued success in the future.

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