Case Study: Custom Neon

Custom Neon solidifies their market leadership delivering exceptional customer experiences

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I cannot thank the team at SuccessCX enough! Their product knowledge, professionalism and communication have made working with the team and absolute breeze. We had an idea of where we wanted to go and were shown so much more. From the initial plan, through to execution, it could not have been easier.


Custom Neon, a leading provider of bespoke neon signs, recognised the importance of delivering exceptional customer experiences to maintain a competitive edge in the market. 

To achieve this, they partnered with SuccessCX, a renowned customer experience (CX) consulting firm, to implement better Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), improve visibility of work, re-define workflows for more efficient, and streamline processes. 

This one-page case study explores how the collaboration between SuccessCX’s expert services and Custom Neon’s project & delivery team, improved outcomes for their customers.

Case Study Custom Neon - Introduction
Case Study Custom Neon - Client Background

Client Background

Kepler Analytics specialises in providing data-driven people traffic insights and analytics to clients across the globe. 

As they expanded their portfolio of global clients and opened office in the UK and USA, Kepler Analytics proactively addressed the challenge of effectively managing technical support, improved operational oversight, and delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction.


Custom Neon realised that to maintain their reputation and foster long-term customer relationships, they needed to enhance their customer service and success efforts. The challenges they faced included:

  1. KPI Measurements: Custom Neon’s existing set-up did not provide a comprehensive view of service level targets and operational performance.

  2. Limited Visibility: The lack of real-time visibility into ongoing projects made it difficult to identify bottlenecks, capacity constraints and manage work prioritisation effectively.

  3. Workflow: Custom Neon’s internal processes needed to be underpinned by a technical solution, to allow more effective work management and efficiency among team members.


Custom Neon engaged SuccessCX who worked with key team members to define and extend Custom Neon’s existing processes and collaborated with the company’s management and teams to implement the following solutions:

Advanced Integration

SuccessCX worked collaboratively with the internal team to design and integrate Custom Neon’s platforms to operate together, with Customer Quoting Mechanisms, Sales CRM and Customer Service platforms working together harmoniously. This enabled Sales, Design, Delivery and Customer Service teams to work seamlessly and consistently together, improving the overall Customer Experience.

Real-time Work Visibility

The Customer Service solution underpinned Custom Neon’s processes in the platform, delivering a centralised workflow that enabled Custom Neon’s teams to track project progress in real-time. This solution facilitated better coordination and prioritisation of work, enhanced communication and visibility, and allowed for timely interventions if any project faced bottlenecks.

Streamlined Workflows

SuccessCX worked closely with Custom Neon’s teams to redefine and optimise their internal workflows. By clarifying responsibilities, setting milestones, and automating repetitive tasks, the company’s productivity improved significantly.

Training and Skill Development

Targeted training sessions were provided to equip Custom Neon teams with the necessary skills to adapt to the new processes and tools effectively.


Custom Neon’s collaboration with SuccessCX yielded remarkable results and numerous benefits:

  1. Improved Customer Satisfaction: The implementation of the new KPI framework and streamlined workflows allowed Custom Neon to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations, resulting in higher satisfaction rates.
  2. Reduced Lead Times: With enhanced work visibility and efficient workflows, Custom Neon reduced the lead times for project completion, enabling them to deliver neon signs to customers faster.
  3. Enhanced Quality Control: The real-time tracking of projects facilitated immediate identification and resolution of any quality issues, leading to improved product quality.
  4. Increased Customer Retention: Custom Neon’s efforts to enhance customer success led to a higher rate of repeat business and increased customer loyalty.
  5. Business Growth and Expansion: The improved customer success practices positively impacted Custom Neon’s ability to deliver, attracting new customers and opening opportunities for expansion into new markets.


With the help of SuccessCX’s expert services, Custom Neon was able to transform its customer success strategies, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction, optimised workflows, and improved business outcomes. By implementing better KPIs, work visibility, and efficient processes, Custom Neon solidified its position as a market leader in delivering bespoke neon signs, setting a benchmark for exceptional customer experiences in the industry.

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